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 Bio & Signature Requirements

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Bio & Signature Requirements Empty
PostSubject: Bio & Signature Requirements   Bio & Signature Requirements Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02 2010, 11:13

As apart of the recruitment process we have a few requirements for our members. First off your bio on XboxLIVE. This will phase will be completed in bootcamp. All members upon receiving there rank should set there bio up like this:

Recruited By: (personsGAMERTAG) Rank: (Your Rank) Scrim Team:(What team your on if your on one) Division:(your division) Website:

So my bio Should look like:

Recruited By: TBRVash Rank: Major Scrim Team: MW2-Blue Division: MW2 Website:

Your forum signature should look like this:

Your Forum Name:
Your Clan Rank:
Your GamerTag:

Mine would look like:

TBR Vash
TBR President
Gamertag: TBRVash

If you need help setting this up or if you have any questions please feel free to PM me or any other AO. This should be taken care of when you set up your bio and your forum account.

TBR Vash
TBR President
Gamertag: TBRVash
Leader of Leaders

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Bio & Signature Requirements
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