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 Forum Rules - Please Read

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Forum Rules - Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules - Please Read   Forum Rules - Please Read Icon_minitimeSat May 29 2010, 22:09

1. Players are expected to behave in a respectful manner. This means conducting ones self in a way that is conducive to fair play, and also means not engaging in any form of slander against your fellow players. Direct inflammatory attacks on a persons character are never acceptable and will not be tolerated.

2. Players are not permitted under any condition to use, test, deploy or distribute any game cheats. By Cheats, we include any additional software which modifies the game in any unauthorized fashion, any code or game exploits which are not known by the public or are considered unacceptable to clan leagues.

3. Players must use an on line alias that is legible and pronounceable. Defamatory or offensive aliases are under no condition acceptable.

4. Players should never use any form of Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Sexist or Political slander or persecution, nor should a player willingly allow others to do so.

5. No swearing and/or abusive language.

6. TBR is a clan setup for fun and competitive play. Anyone who is suspected of cheating may be banned at the discretion of the server admins.

7. Players may never launch verbal attacks against any player in our server. This action will warrant severe disciplinary action.

8. No Mic spamming or playing of music over your Mic. Your fellow players are there to play the game.

9. Play the maps as they were intended. This includes not killing hostages, planting the bomb if you have it, rescuing the hostages, and diffusing the bomb. Maps are made with objectives. Please make an effort to complete them.

10. Camping - Tactical camping is part of playing the game. But do not waste our time by, for example, being a CT and camping spawn on a hostage map.

11. Friendly Fire is always on. Do not ask to have it turned off. Deliberate Team Kills and Team Attacks are ban-able offenses.

12. Your computer and your XboxLIVE/Steam account are your responsibility. If someone else used your account to do something that caused it to be banned from our server, then do not complain to us. We are not responsible for what your brother, cousin, friend, dog, cat, etc ? did with your account. Only you are. We suggest that you log off off steam when not playing and not give anyone your steam password to keep problems from happening.

15. Respect your admins and the other players as it states above. if an admin asks you to do something and you ignore it, expect to get kicked, if you come back in with attitude, expect to be banned.

16. All Rules above apply for not only STEAM but also XboxLIVE. All Rules must be followed in the XboxLIVE partys, and when playing in public matches on XboxLIVE.

If you are unsure of the rules please PM Vash or an adminstrative officer Listed here
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Forum Rules - Please Read
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