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PostSubject: READ THIS FIRST!   Sun May 30 2010, 05:24

How to Join The Clan!

Welcome to Team Blood Rage We hope you have fun during your stay here and enjoy kicking ass with us.
Please Read this post properly, and i mean all of it.

Joining The Clan

There are some requirements to join the clan:

1.You must be over 16, unless you know a current TBR member who will vouch for you (existing member must be an Officer (Red) or above).
2.Be respectful of other members and remember while your gaming with us you represent the clan.
3.Must not be a member of another clan or competative gaming organisation.
4.Have the time and the dedication to regularly check the forums and be active in the in-game community.
5.You must be able to read, demonstrate this by not asking stupid questions answered in this post already.

By Creating an Account and/or Applying to join this clan you agree to follow and uphold the following rules.

Site Rules:
1.Respect and Obey the Chain of Command
2.Not to spam, and not to advertise without special permission.
3.Respect the decisions of the Military Police(moderator team) their word IS the law.
4.Do not make Racist, Sexist, or Sexuality based remarks which other members may be offended by.
5.Do not plagiarize or share material from this site with third parties, individual or organisations.
6.No Flaming or Trolling.
7.Attempting to access the site while banned will result in a permenant ban.
8.Do not try to obtain other members account information, this will result in a permenant ban.

In Game Rules:

1.You must not abuse glitches, hack or try to otherwise manipulate a public game.
2.You must not participate in “Boosting”
3.You must not use non-licenced software during public games (Aimbots and similar)
4.You must not use modified hardware during public games with TBR (rapid fire controllers and similar)

By registering you accept that breaking these rules and/or expectations will result in appropriate action taken against you by the Military Police.

To apply to join Team Blood Rage please:

1.Create an account on the website(Register option can be found in the Navigation Bar)

2.Post a thread in the new members section, the title should be in this format:

for example mine would be titled:

3.Post in that thread the following information.

•Your Name/Alias:

•Your Age:

•Todays Date:

•Your Gamertag/PSN Name/Steam Account:

•Your Platforms (360, PS3, PC etc):

•Games that you are applying for:

•How you came to this website:

•Your Continent and Location (i.e. Europe, United Kingdom):

•Why you want to join the clan:

•Do you want to join as a competative or casual recruit(this can be reviewed):

•How you think you would be a benefit to the clan:

•Have you been a member of any other clan? If so please specify who and why you left, if not please leave blank:

•Any Other Information you wish to add:

Once you have posted your application a Recruiter will post in your topic with your Intake Officers Name. Your Intake Officer will contact you with bootcamp information and administer your basic training exam.

If you do not get a reply from your Intake Officer within 48 hours please send them and me a PM.

You may be required to attend multiple “Bootcamp Sessions” before you may join, this will depend on whether you want to join as competative or casual. The Intake Officer will asses your gameplay and communication abilities during your Sessions. Bootcamp lasts about 2 days.

Until you are promoted to the rank of private you cannot compete in any clan squads or tournaments, however you may play with clan members in social games and internal clan matches/tournaments.

If you have any questions please PM myself or any other clan officer and they will do their best to help you out.

What next?
Head over to the Casual gaming section to find clan events.
Head over to the Game Discussion forums to post your tag and find people to play with.

Promotion to Private: Requirements

•Having been assessed by your Intake Officer and assigned competative or casual status.

•Having had no negative contact with the MPs

•Having completed the basic training exam(this will be distributed to you when you have been assigned a rank by your Intake Officer)

The recruiter will fill the following information and paste it in the members application.

Approved Or Denied:
Intake Officer:

The intake will fill the following information out and paste it in the members application.

Bootcamp Completed:
Basic Training Exam Completed:
Rank Given:
(Any higher then private first class will have to be approved by a Division Captain (AO).


TBR Vash
TBR President
Gamertag: TBRVash
Leader of Leaders

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